Arrested in Galveston: Know The Common Defense Strategies

Arrested in Galveston: Know The Common Defense Strategies

When arrested for a crime in Galveston, you cannot risk anything. Firstly, don’t talk to the police. The officer should read your Miranda rights, and even if they didn’t, you have the right to remain silent. Try to remain calm and take the most critical step – hiring a lawyer. You don’t need any random attorney but someone who is an expert and is based in Galveston. A competent criminal defense attorney will explain all possible things and consider the best ways to defend you. In this post, check the common defense strategies used by lawyers for clients.

Case of mistaken identity: This essentially means that the police arrested you instead of someone else. When you have a strong alibi, that could help beat the charges.

Entrapment: Your lawyer can prove that the office induced you to commit the said crime, which you wouldn’t have committed otherwise. Entrapment is a crucial defense but also requires significant evidence. Only an experienced lawyer can tell you when you can benefit from this.

Case of self-defense: If you committed the crime but did it only in self-defense, it could be your strategy for the case. For instance, if your estranged husband was trying to kill you and you shot them trying to save yourself, you can possibly use the self-defense strategy.

Violation of rights: If the arresting officer engaged in misconduct or violated your rights, the evidence submitted by them will not be admissible. In some cases, people suffer the consequences because the police obtained the evidence unlawfully.

Statute of limitations: You cannot be charged with a crime that happened years ago, but there are exceptions, including certain felony offenses. Check with your attorney if the statute of limitations has passed.

Meet a Criminal Defense Attorney

When it comes to defending yourself, you cannot do it alone. You are not a legal expert, and the prosecutors won’t be easy on you, even if this was your first offense. A criminal record could impact your life, job, and family, and you don’t want to be in a position where you failed to get the best outcome because you didn’t seek help. Contact a reliable and popular criminal defense attorney and discuss your case.

Even when you are in a financial spot, many law firms in Galveston could help and work at a lower rate. In many situations, you may also have to pay an attorney in installments.