Criminal Laws – What You Need to Know

Criminal Laws – What You Need to Know

If you or a loved one has been arrested in Marietta, it is essential that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. They can help you avoid jail and fines by evaluating your case and negotiating with the prosecutors.

Marietta is among a growing list of metro Atlanta cities formally condemning racism and calling on state legislators to pass a hate crimes law.

Weapons Enhancement

A weapon enhancement is a special charge added to certain offenses that involves the possession or use of a firearm. This is a serious matter and if you are charged with a weapons enhancement, it is important to hire a criminal defense attorney immediately so that we can start building a strong case on your behalf.

A Marietta criminal defense lawyer can use their legal knowledge and experience to help you build a strong, effective defense for your weapon enhancement charges. We can also assist you with negotiating a plea deal in order to avoid a lengthy trial.

A good defense strategy starts with a solid understanding of the criminal laws in Georgia. This is why it is so critical to hire an experienced Marietta criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after your arrest.

Habitual Offender Law

A criminal conviction can ruin your life. If you’ve been arrested or accused of a crime, it’s important to retain the services of an experienced Marietta criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to help you build a strong defense and protect your future.

A person who is convicted of three serious Criminal Defense Lawyers in DuPage County within five years can be labeled as a habitual offender in Georgia. This designation carries its own set of legal consequences, including suspension of your license.

If you’ve been accused of committing multiple offenses, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight your charges and keep your record clean. The right lawyer can evaluate your case and explain the possible penalties to you.

In Georgia, a person can be deemed a habitual offender by committing three serious driving offenses within a five year period. This includes DUI and other offenses that involve operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Deadly Sins

Georgia is home to some of the best criminal laws in the nation. In fact, the enlightened amongst us will often refer to the state’s legal system as the “laws of Georgia.” However, that’s not to say there aren’t some interesting wrinkles in the ol’ sausage grinder.

What Is Criminal Law and Everything Else You Need To Know About It

One of the most notable facets of the law is that children as young as 13 can be tried as adults in our superior court. This means they can face a stiff fine or spend the rest of their lives in jail, depending on the crime.

Not only are these juvenile offenders stuck behind bars, but they are also hamstrung by a number of legal pitfalls including ineffective plea bargaining and sloppy paperwork. The state has an estimated 70,000 juveniles in its custody at any given time, which makes it even more important to improve the situation. As a result, the lawyers have created an informational resource to help keep our youth out of trouble with Marietta criminal laws.

The Right to Remain Silent

The right to remain silent is a common law right that protects you from being compelled to give testimony that can be used against you in court. This right, also known as the Fifth Amendment, can be a vital defense for you if you are facing criminal charges.

Police are required to inform everyone arrested of their right to remain silent. These statements are commonly referred to as the “Miranda warnings.”

This right is critical during any legal proceeding, whether you’re in a trial or simply being questioned by the police. You don’t have to answer questions, but you should always be polite when talking with authorities.

The right to silence is a fundamental constitutional principle that should never be ignored. If you’re accused of a crime, it’s important to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side who knows how to use your Constitutional rights to fight back against the government. A strong, effective defense strategy can make the difference between walking free and being convicted of a crime.