What Is The Best Type Of Child Custody

Child Custody

If a divorce occurs, the question always arises to whom the custody of the child or children will fall. Because of this issue, divorce litigation can be delayed, and the Center for Social Work is included in the story. That’s why Family Law offers the best solution for a child – joint custody. Joint custody in our country in relation to our mentality is a rather demanding model for parents. In practice, this would mean that you and your ex-spouse should act as if you are still married, but accept new partners and everything else related to your former partner, all in the interest of your child. Our family lawyer toronto will help you on this.

What is joint custody?

Even though you are divorced, you will have to act like you are still married, especially when you have to make decisions about your child. Joint custody means joint agreements between you and your ex-partner on all important issues related to your child’s life. You will be in frequent contact because of important events in your child’s life, as well as any changes (school, kindergarten, poor grades). Joint custody also involves day-to-day arrangements for performing duties such as taking your child to kindergarten or school, sports or other activities. You will jointly arrange doctor visits, excursions, trips…

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Who does the child live with?

An integral part of an agreement on the joint exercise of parental rights is where the child will live, that is, where he or she will reside. The law defines in the autumn that the address of the child’s residence must be known, and there is no room for arbitrary interpretation. You cannot agree – “the child will live with you a little and with me”. A child lives with only one of you, and the dynamics of seeing a parent with whom he or she does not live is determined by agreement and division of responsibilities. Psychologically, it is extremely important for a child to know where his or her home is.

To what extent is joint custody suitable for the child?

The joint custody model is best suited for the child if the parental functioning is coordinated and maintained. If you have conflicts and are still burdened with the problems that caused the divorce, it would be best to wait for the joint custody model. This concept implies fully preserved and quality communication among parents, common harmonized and functional educational patterns. This way, the child will receive the message that they are still equally loved by both parents, and the child will not have a traumatic sense of loss due to the separation of father and mother.

What does it look like in practice?

Joint custody comes to mind if you have agreement, mutual respect, respect, cultural treatment and good communication. In practice, however, all these conditions have been shown to be somewhat abstract. Divorce is a major change in itself, and how it will be overcome will depend on many factors.