8 Part-Time Jobs You Might Enjoy

Part-Time Jobs

You may want to supplement your current income but aren’t quite ready to take on a full-time position. There are so many part-time jobs available. Here are eight ideas that might interest you.

1. House Sitter

When homeowners travel, they often hire someone to stay in their residence to keep it secure. You can often spend hours at your full-time career and just stay overnight where you are house sitting. It is actually quite delightful since most of these homes are very elegant.

2. Receptionist

Most businesses have someone to greet customers as they arrive. You can ask the places you already visit if they happen to be hiring. Consider medical or dental offices, nail and hair salons, hotels and restaurants.

3. Freelance Work

You can spend the hours you want as an online writer, graphic artist, teacher or other freelance jobs. Use the skills you already have to earn a little extra income. You can usually work from home and set your own hours.

4. Retail

You could apply to work a few hours a week at the local grocery store. How about a profession that really interests you? If you are a singer, apply at the music store; if you love to read, apply at the nearby bookstore. Pet lovers can apply for a job at the pet store.

5. Notary Public

After completing the training and certification to become a notary, all kinds of opportunities will open to you. By taking this step, you have an advantage as you apply for a position at a bank, as an exam proctor, administrative assistant or even a personal concierge.

6. Driver

If you have a reliable car, you can earn money by driving. Consider working for a rideshare company like Lyft or Uber. Perhaps you don’t want to deal with back-seat passengers, then delivering food orders might be best for you.

7. Pet Sitter

If you love animals, this could be a perfect position for you. You could be employed in an established kennel, care for the pets in your own home or the residence of the pet owner. Travelers would love for their pets to be cared for in their own homes while they are out of town.

Part-Time Jobs

8. Classroom Assistant

Most schools need extra help. Teachers are swamped with so many students and so many requirements. Educators welcome an assistant that can help monitor their classroom, library, lunchroom or playground. If you enjoy children, this is a natural place for you.

The exciting thing about part-time employment is that you still have time in your week for other activities. Have fun earning money in a way that you can enjoy.