How To Avoid Economic Violence In Your Marriage

Bank accounts or finances are the cause of marital problems in research conducted around the world. Some financial advisers suggest: Why not simply remove money from marriage or terminate a financial relationship? The tax lawyer in toronto is here to take care of your finances making sure they are managed well.

The bank account of a man is not a financial plan

Women’s retirement age is cumulated into lesser retirement. And this is not the only difference, in addition, there is a difference in financial literacy between men and women, of course, to the detriment of women. If marriage works best, there is always the possibility of unlucky cases that can lead to financial problems and endanger our existence. Can we allow us to have no financial independence?

Married for the right reasons

If finance is so much a problem in marriages, why not marry for the right reasons? Separate your accounts completely, and collect money to settle common family expenses on a shared account. The rest of your income belongs to you, and you have to provide yourself enough for retirement. So you will not have to ask “What if he leaves me?” For example.

One of the reasons why women are less paid are maternity leave, especially if they are longer. If we waive income during maternity leave, would it not be OK for us to allocate a missed investment to the pension fund from the common budget?

Economic violence is more frequent than physical

According to research almost every third woman in has experienced economic violence. “It is alarming that economic violence is even more than physical. It is worrying that women who are in violent relationships mostly do not recognize economic violence, and those who recognize it do not attach great importance to it because they just want their partner to quit. They actually are in these relationships and stay because they are economically dependent on their partner. Women who are physically non-violent are declaratively claiming that they would not allow their partner to be economically abused, but when you talk to them in a bit more detail then find out more. Let’s say they hide how they spent their money on new shoes. It is expected that economic violence against women would be more represented in lower classes compared to others, and that is not the case. It can be seen anywhere.

What do you think is better to have a shared or separate bank account? And would separate bills make women more financially independent?

Make sure you live an independent life (financially) if you want to avoid having problems with your spouse. It is best if both partners make money and contribute to bills and other expenses together. That is the only way to avoid financial fights and problems that mostly lead to divorce.

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