How To Prevent Low Ball Offers In Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury Cases

When you are injured in an accident, the insurance company for the responsible party will try to give you a low ball settlement offer. During this difficult time, you may not be unable to work and have a number of medical bills coming in. However, the low-ball may not be nearly enough to compensate you for your injuries as well as pain and suffering. Here are some tips to help you avoid accepting low ball offers.

What usually happens In a standard case

After the incident, there are certain procedures that will take place. There will be a phase where the incident is investigated by both your attorney and the attorney for the responsible party. From there, evidence will be compiled. Insurance companies from both parties may also get involved early during the case. At around this time, the responsible party will first come forward with a low-ball settlement offer. This offer will almost be insufficient to cover your medical costs and income loss from an inability to work.

Dealing with the insurance agency

When dealing with the insurance agency of the responsible party, it is important that you and your attorney only provide the relevant information that is related to the injury. Since the opposing party’s insurance company will not want to pay out the claim, it is important for you not to volunteer any extra information. Any extra information will be used against you during a case.

Creating the demand letter

When a person is injured in an accident, the injured party will create what is known as a demand letter. This letter will detail the specifics of the injuries and the compensation that is required in order to costs and income loss as a direct result of the accident. The attorney of the injured party will review the letter, amend it, and send it to the responsible party’s attorney. The demand letter is usually one of the first steps in a claim against the responsible party.

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Staying in contact with the responsible party’s insurance company

During the early stages of the claim, the injured party’s attorney will stay in constant contact with the responsible party’s insurance company. Since the insurance company will not want to pay out the claim or payout as little as possible, the attorney for the injured party will do their best to provide relevant details to the insurance company. A good attorney will also know how to provide the right pressure to the insurance company and compel them to provide a proper settle before trial.

When the medical bills come in

A couple of weeks after an accident, the medical bills will begin to arrive. This will be the time that an insurance company will try to make a low-ball settlement offer. The insurance company knows that many people will be desperate for quick cash. However, the low-ball settlements are usually not enough to cover all the medical bills that will be associated with the accident.

This is why an injured party needs a top personal injury attorney who understands who to deal with insurance companies and attorneys from the responsible party. Locate a firm such as Quirk Reed LLP that has years of experience in all types of personal injury cases. You need a team that can offer expertise in all types of personal injury cases from automobile accidents to slip and fall injuries so you are always covered.