How to Stop a Child Abductor Before an Abduction


One of most every parent’s top fears is their child being kidnapped. Many children across the country go missing every day, so it’s not entirely an unfounded fear. Knowing how to spot a child abductor is key for ensuring that your children don’t go missing, as well as knowing what to teach your children in order for them to avoid being targeted. Safety is a team effort and will require everyone involved to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior.

What Type of Person is Most Likely to Abduct a Child?

The most likely perpetrators of child abductions may come as a surprise to you, but it’s true. Most child abductions are perpetrated by family members, especially female family relatives. Male relatives can also be the perpetrators, and this is only slightly less common. Relatives make up 90% of all kidnappings.

You may be wondering, “how is that possible?” and that is a common response. This is most common in separated parent situations. In many cases, what happens is that there is split custody and one of the parents doesn’t want to give the child back so they flee. It’s most common in households that have estranged parents, are low income, or the parents are divorced.

How to Prevent a Stranger from Kidnapping Your Child.

While it is difficult to prevent family abductions if the situation is right, keeping your child safe from stranger abductions is a lot easier. Child predators have said that the easiest way to dissuade them from targeting a child is by making sure that you’re keeping track of their internet habits.By doing this, you’re closing the window of opportunity that they have to get close to your child and earn their trust and these are two very important steps in most predators’ processes.

Another way to ensure that your child is safe is to make sure that they know not to talk to or trust strangers. Keeping an eye on them while you’re in the store makes it very difficult for them to be targeted while you’re out in public, so make sure that they don’t run off. If a potential predator sees your child alone, it can be very easy for them to target them. If they know not to speak to or trust strangers, this can cut back on the risk a lot but there’s nothing more effective than keeping them within your field of vision when you’re in public.

Also, make sure to teach your children healthy boundaries. If they know boundaries like don’t go anywhere with strangers or get in their car, it makes it a lot easier to keep them safe. It’s also good to teach them to run away if a stranger tries to get them into their car. You can teach your child a special password that says it’s okay to go with a person if you like, this is especially effective if the potential abductor tries to pick your child up from school. Consistency is important when teaching your child any of these things, so make sure that you are as consistent as you can possibly be.

Making a Safer Future for Your Child.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect way to keep your child safe. There will always be things in this world that you can’t account for. We have a very limited perspective of the world and what is going on around us, and you can only try your best. By making sure that your child understands that not every adult is a safe person and to not talk to strangers, you are well on your path to ensuring that your child is as safe as possible.