Lucrative Jobs For Tip-Led Employees in Miami FL

Lucrative Jobs For Tip-Led Employees in Miami FL

If you’re a tipped employee in Miami FL, you deserve to receive the full and fair wages you’re entitled to. This includes receiving overtime pay for hours worked over 40 per week and the right to be paid the full amount of your tips left by customers.

Under federal and Florida law, tipped employees may be paid a lower minimum wage than the state’s minimum wage as long as they earn enough in tips to make up the difference. This is known as a “tip credit.”

Waiters and Waitresses

Waiters and waitresses are responsible for serving food to guests and helping them follow the menu. They can also help with drink refills, restocking service stations and making coffee.

In addition, restaurant employees are sometimes expected to work extra hours in a shift, often at a lower hourly rate than the base pay. However, if they don’t earn enough tips to meet Florida’s minimum wage, their employer must make up the difference.

To help protect tipped employees in Miami FL commissioner Jose “Pepe” Diaz is sponsoring an ordinance that will allow restaurants at MIA to include a suggested tip or automatic gratuity on customers’ checks. The measure will be considered for initial approval at the April 9 Commission meeting.


Bartenders may be behind the scenes but they play an important role in the success of a restaurant or nightclub. Whether they’re creating specialty cocktails or simply pouring the drinks, a well-trained bartender can add a touch of class to any establishment.

Aside from creating a good looking cocktail, a bartender also needs to be able to mix and muddle ingredients quickly and correctly. Luckily, there are a number of professionals who can take on this challenge and do it well.

The best way to learn the art of making a swizzled drink is by attending a workshop with an expert bartender. Elite Bartending School and Event Staffing offers workshops for private groups of all sizes, including corporate events and parties.


Miami is home to a lively culinary scene, with chefs of all backgrounds and skill sets dishing up inventive dishes that fuse local and international traditions. With an enticing mix of Cuban, Peruvian, Venezuelan, Puerto Rican, Haitian and Jamaican cuisines, Miami is an evocative food city that’s sure to inspire any palate.

The city has a wealth of James Beard-recognized chefs with a diverse repertoire of flavors and techniques that are sure to thrill any palate. One of the best chefs to hit Miami is Bradley Kilgore, who runs a sophisticated Wynwood eatery that has been named Best New Chef by “Food & Wine.” Try his bahn mi with bacon pate and smoked ham or ceviche of pink shrimp with green tomato aguachile, mango and avocado.


If you like to carry around a lot of luggage, you may enjoy working as a porter in Miami FL. These professionals transport suitcases and other heavy items from airports, train stations, and cruise ships to hotel rooms for their guests. They also help passengers unload their luggage from taxis. In addition, they must be able to maneuver through airports and other large buildings.

A Porter’s salary in Miami Florida can vary based on their skill set, industry and location. According to ZipRecruiter’s recent data, the average annual salary for a Porter in the city is $25,320. However, the average porter salary in Miami Beach, Florida is much less – only $23,300 per year on average. To find the best porter jobs in your area, use ZipRecruiter’s job search tool today.

Taxi Drivers

Miami’s taxi drivers work tirelessly to take you around town. Whether you’re traveling from Miami International Airport, downtown or between suburbs, finding a cab is as simple as walking to a designated taxi stand or calling for one on a radio.

Taxi drivers typically get paid more than rideshare drivers, and they have the benefit of a long-term contract, so they can be sure they’ll be able to stay in business.

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Despite their hard work, many of them don’t receive enough income to make ends meet. That’s why a few of them are fighting to change their conditions.

Some drivers are backing a new initiative that would give them a license to own their medallions. They hope that could help them avoid the pitfalls of relying on county regulations and keep their old taxis in business.