Occupational Health and Safety of Migrant Workers

Occupational Health and Safety of Migrant Workers

Around the world employment is the key that leads to a successful and healthy lifestyle. For the well-being of the society opportunities for employment not only contribute to economic development but also play a role in social growth. But on other hand it is observed that the migrants are always neglected as are the employment or health protection issues. At workplaces there are significant inequalities like gender discrimination, culture difference, and other drive towards the bad employment health.

According to the research study and immigrant stories there are a large number of the migrant workers in different regions but they experience the workplace exploitation. It may refer to the poor health and safety facilities, inappropriate behavior and unable to access the possible opportunities to grow. The ratio of the death records high and major was due to the inappropriate facilities at the workplace offered by the employer. The ratio of the occupational incidents, injuries, death and other similar problems badly affecting the migrant working.

On the other hand, multiple organizational institutions are working for the better occupational health and safety of migrants because they are important assets for economic growth. To understand the migrant workers position and their occupational health and safety it is necessary to have a look at the different aspects. It includes the risk involved at the workplace, how to implement the health and safety procedures and possible recommendations that can improve the situation.

Occupational Health and Safety Risk

It is reported that migrants experience workplace exploitation at a large level that includes low pay rate, health and safety at workplace, workplace abuse and much more. At different workplaces the migrant used to work and was involved in the task without the health and safety precautions. Even the employer did not fulfill the standards and provide them necessary gadgets that improve their safety. Moreover, they are forced to live in an unhealthy and poor hygienic environment that is crowded and not safe. In such places the risk of the infections spread and other health issues are usually higher than normal.

There are multiple reasons that will lead them to live in such situation like:

  • Restriction due to working conditions
  • Usually did not have freedom to move according to their choice
  • Low income leads towards the health complication
  • Did not able to approach the necessities of life
  • Irregular meals, poor nutrition, and inappropriate atmosphere

According to the reports and research it is reported that the migrant employees are forced to live with the inappropriate atmosphere. Further, the limited food availability or the poor nutrition cause the other health complications.

Other Occupational Hazards

There are certain other complications reported at the workplace that are faced by the migrant workers. It includes the abuse done by the employers and other co-workers. Usually the behavioral abuse and humiliation is mostly experienced by the migrants. In the low pay rate worker’s women and females, the sexual abuse and humiliation is reported occasionally. Due to the abusive atmosphere and workplace problems migrant workers usually experience the difficulties such as occupational health or safety risk.

While getting the sample and recording the facts women and men workers are equally studied that shows men are at high risk of the occupational risk or uncertainties than women. Because the ratio of the migrant worker’s men is relatively higher than women. More than 80% of workers are working in the inappropriate atmosphere that can cause complications and damage their health. Moreover, 46% to 50% workers stay and continue working in the atmosphere that leads towards the health and safety complications.

Remedies to Prevent the Occupational Risk

The occupational risk and uncertainties for the migrant workers affect their life and health. In addition, it badly influences the economic and social reputation or condition. Because these workers helps a lot in the development. So, to avoid the violence and condemn the situation important to work over the strategies or law implementation for the better working atmosphere. For the working place exploitation, it is important to address and implement the labor law over sectors.

At the large level there is a need for policies including social and economic to avoid and address the inequalities. It is necessary to understand that the contribution of migrant workers is higher in societal development and growth. Without low level workers it is impossible to grow and develop the economy. But on the other hand they need special social protection and a healthy environment to work effectively. Only the labor law making and its righteous implementation in society will help to give the best outcome. Those who work in the dangerous working environment need protection at the workplace and proper health care facilities that address illness and other issues.

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Another way that will protect the employees from the assault and provide the best protection to ensure safety at the workplace. The law enforcement institutions work over law and regulations. Moreover, the implementation of the law is important to avoid the complications.

Different government and other state policies address the labor rights and monitor the working atmosphere and safe working places. The contribution of the state agencies and health care providers to ensure the health atmosphere and provide the facilities to the migrant workers.

Final Consideration!

The migrant workers are important and work at large volume in different sectors. But they are suffering from the irregular working atmosphere, health issues, abuse and other complications that create a difficult working atmosphere. By making the right policies, monitoring over the working places and law enforcement policies can help a lot to avoid the uncertainties.

In different regions social support workers practically contributed in the law making and monitoring. The purpose is to provide the healthy and safe environment of working to the migrant workers. They are the huge contributors to society and need the protection or health safety precaution to pursue a healthy lifestyle.