Philadelphia Lawyer For Workers’ Compensation Injury

Philadelphia Lawyer For Workers’ Compensation Injury

Injury at work is unfortunate, sometimes tragic. Regardless, workplace injuries are all too common in the Philadelphia area. Hence, workers should be aware of all their rights concerning workers’ compensation law. If an employee is injured at work or in the course of their employment, he or she may be entitled to compensation. When it comes to collecting workers’ compensation, however, having the assistance of a workplace injury lawyer can be crucial.

Workplace injuries are sometimes debilitating. While many victims are fortunate enough to recover and continue working in the same capacity as they did before the injury, some employees never reach a level of recovery that allows them to work again. In these cases, workers’ compensation is the best solution. However, there are instances when employees are denied workers’ compensation benefits and need the help of an experienced attorney to fight for their rights.

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Generally, workers’ compensation covers expenses for workplace injuries from the very first day the employee starts working with the organization, irrespective of the individual’s medical history.

Employers can get Workers’ Compensation coverage from a third-party licensed insurance provider that offers insurance services in Philadelphia, or through Pennsylvania’s State Workers’ Insurance Fund.

Types Of Workplace Injuries Covered Under Workplace Compensation

Some of the most common injuries suffered by workers in the United States include:

  • Muscle sprains and strains from falling, heavy lifting, tripping, or slipping.
  • Fractures from falling or similar actions.
  • Concussions due to falling or accidents during transportation.
  • Strain injuries due to poor posture or repetitive activity.
  • Lacerations and cuts from transportation accidents, improper use of power equipment, or lack of training.
  • Damage caused to the body due to toxic fumes. This is a common situation in the manufacturing and related sectors caused by failure to use proper personal protection gadgets like face masks, respirators, and goggles.
  • Hearing damage caused by exposure to loud noises occurring at the workplace. This is a common problem suffered by individuals working in the manufacturing industry.

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Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Individuals Suffering from on-the-Job Injuries

  • Lost wages/salary/benefits – Wage replacement provided by workers’ compensation insurance is usually set at two-thirds of the employee’s average wage. There also may be a set maximum benefit amount, regardless of what the employee was making. Further, it is important to note that these benefits, generally, are not taxed.
  • Medical treatment expenses – Workers are eligible for a reasonable amount of compensation for medical or surgical treatment. This benefit also includes orthopedic appliances, supplies, medicine, prostheses, hospital services and treatment, and other expenses.
  • Monetary compensation for the death of an employee – In the case of an employee’s death due to work-related illness or injury, workers’ compensation is given to their family members. Family members of the employee should connect with an experienced workplace injury lawyer for professional guidance and help.
  • Specific loss compensation – A work injury lawyer in Philadelphia helps individuals in getting compensation to employees who lose a specific body part like a toe, thumb, hand, finger, leg, arm, or foot. The compensation benefit is also applicable to individuals who lose their hearing or vision because of a workplace accident.

A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer can provide legal representation for Philadelphia area residents who have been injured at work. An experienced workplace injury attorney will work hard to get the best settlement possible for clients, and they also provide consumers with educational articles about safety in the workplace. If you are looking for a work injury lawyer in the Philadelphia area, please contact Greg Prosmushkin today.