The Do’s and Don’ts In Car Accident Personal Injury Claims

The Do’s and Don’ts In Car Accident Personal Injury Claims

After getting involved in a car accident, you may wonder about the next steps to take. This is especially when it comes to handling the injuries sustained and the damaged car. Amidst the confusion finding a long-lasting solution can be challenging. Filing an injury claim is among the best steps to take. But with the confusion and uncertainty surrounding the case, you might decide to put the accident behind you. So, what should you do to make your claim viable, and what should you avoid?

The Do’s In Car Accident Personal Injury Claims

At the Scene of the Accident

Apart from determining the car’s damages, it is important to see if any other passenger is injured. While the accident must have led to a traffic jam, the vehicles shouldn’t be moved from the scene unless instructed by the authorities or paramedics. You should wait for the police and or the paramedics before any other action is taken.

Contact the Police

You should contact the police even in a minor accident. This is important as you need a police report to enable you to make a personal injury claim. The police also help evaluate the extent of the car damages or the injuries sustained and advise accordingly. The police’s involvement helps in filing and presenting your case and making a claim sustainable before the court.

Get the Facts of Your Car Accident Right

Due to the stress of being in a car accident, it can be tricky getting the facts right. The names and addresses of everyone involved in the accident should be noted down. The license plate number and the car description should also be recorded as they will be needed when filing your claim. This should also include the type of vehicle, identification number, and the insurance company.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

It would be best if you put everything about the car accident in order. This can, however, be hectic, especially when you want to have a successful lawsuit. Working with the Broadway Law Firm is the right move to make.  A reputable lawyer helps you contact your insurer, keep your medical records in order, gather and document facts and evidence about the accident, provide legal advice, file the case for you and help in settlement negotiation.

The Don’ts In Car Accident Claims

Don’t Wait Too Long to Act

After you suffer injuries in a car accident, don’t wait too long to take action. The statutes of limitations can hinder you from filing a personal injury claim after they expire. You will want the investigation to be completed before filing the case. This means that crucial pieces of evidence might vanish. There can also be manipulation or intimidation of potential witnesses affecting the credibility of the information provided if you wait too long.

Never Underestimate Your Injuries

It is easier to think the injuries sustained are not serious and worthy of filing a claim for them. However, by the time to realize the severity of the injuries sustained, it might be too late to act. You should seek intensive medical checkups and care as this will help you understand the injuries’ extent. When you underestimate your injuries, the insurance company and the liable party can question the injury claims. It also makes it difficult for you to recover, which prolongs the treatment and raises the medical bills in the long run.

Don’t Agree to a Quick Settlement

As much as it sounds great, you will compromise your claim’s viability when you accept quick settlements. In most cases, quick settlements mean less amount. Allow your car accident lawyer to guide and help you settle for the right amount.

Filing a car accident personal injury claim is a step to getting the justice you truly deserve. When you understand the dos and don’ts having a successful car accident personal injury claim becomes possible.

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