Top Four Non-Fiction Book Genres


Non-fiction books have come a long way from boring textbooks and manuals. Non-fiction topics have expanded to include items we use and ideas we think about every day. These books have made a come back recently and are more trendy than ever. With all the exciting people and events happening, you don’t need to escape reality to be entertained.

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Books and movies about current technological advances almost read like science fiction. There are books about new advancements in practically every field you could be interested in. You can read up about how artificial intelligence is changing certain industries, or how it could impact humanity. Authors like David Walsh Bronxville, explore how technology can be used for good, to drive innovation. These books are no longer filled with terminology that goes over most reader’s heads. They are introspective, relatable and astonishing.


Meditation is a practice that goes back to prehistoric times but has recently become extremely popular. It is estimated that the number of people who practice meditation has tripled since 2012. This practice used to be seen as complicated and required training from a professional. However, books and apps have made this skill accessible to everyone. One demographic that has driven the popularity of meditation books are children. Parents use these techniques to help them better deal with their children, while children use them to handle anxiety, anger and stress. Self-help books have always been a popular topic, but meditation books have become a non-fiction staple on many reader’s bookshelves.


Memoirs tell another person’s story. You may read the memoir of a person you respect or despise. Maybe you want to learn more about a historical figure or get the juicy details of a scandalous life. As long as there are celebrities, politicians and criminals, these types of books will never get old. Recently, memoirs about ordinary people have appeared on bestseller lists. This speaks to the universal message of many of these books. A good memoir is one that is relatable. Being able to understand another person’s struggles is something that seems to resonate with many these days.


The internet has shown people different places and cultures all over the world, and now they want to see it all. Reading travel books has become an essential part of planning the next vacation or dreaming of the next adventure. These books contain more than the basic tourist traps. They speak to the food, activities and residents of a place. Traveling has become more than just about the destination. Travelers who read these books want the whole experience.