What Characteristics Are Common Among Child Abductors?

What Characteristics Are Common Among Child Abductors?

Child abductors are the ultimate scum of the earth. What could be worse than a person that takes a child away from its family? As ugly as the act is, it still happens every day. For one reason or another, a child abductor is able to justify hurting a child. Society as a whole can stop these sickos in their tracks if we all work together. What to look for in a person that abducts children? Maybe this will help.

Family Matters

In most cases, when a child is abducted, it turns out to be a family member. Sometimes the parents argue and feel the need to use the kid as a shield or a tool to gain control. Sometimes a parent will take a child in order to protect the child from the other parent. Whether it is on purpose or just a big misunderstanding, most times, when a kid comes up missing, it is because of family. If there is a history of violence or drug use in a family, the odds of a child being taken from the home by a family member are pretty high.

Convicted Sex Offenders

Child molesters that have been convicted of sexually abusing children are people that need to be watched closely around children. Many times after a sex offender is released from prison, they go back to their old ways and hurt more people. The best way to keep an eye on them is to know where they are. Thanks to the laws that require convinced sex offenders to register within their states, anybody can find out where sex offenders live and what they have done. Too many cases have ended up with a convicted sex offender abducting a child and sexually abusing it. Many of these sex offenders take it a step further and kill the child. Events like this are sickening to hear but are real nonetheless.

Sex Offender Monitoring

Kids Live Safe, a great organization that strives to keep children safe from sexual predators, has a fantastic alert program that keeps parents, and other concerned citizens informed about sex offenders that move into the area. Users can choose up to three different locations to monitor. Any time a sex offender moves into a home within five miles of any of the selected areas, an email message is created and sent out. The email has all of the details, including a photo and the address. With a tool like this, you will always know who is around your area and can be a threat to your children.


Kids Live Safe provides modern-day solutions for parents and guardians that struggle with the possibility of danger for their kids. You can do a sex offender search at any time using an address or a name to see the truth about a person or a neighborhood. With tools like this in place, you can easily do your part to protect all children from threats of abuse, abduction, or anything that could potentially harm them.