What Is A Concussion And What If You Get One In An Accident?

What Is A Concussion And What If You Get One In An Accident?

If you have had a terrible car accident and it has caused bodily injury including brain injury, you can be compensated by hiring a personal injury attorney that specializes in concussion settlements. A competent attorney will be able to get you the amount of financial compensation that you deserve. You will be compensated for pain and suffering, loss of wages, emotional distress, loss of future income, and your medical expenses. If the injury leaves you disabled, you could also get a disability claim settlement. Your attorney will determine the extent of your compensation. Of course, you have to seek medical services to get a synopsis of the damages to your health before a specific compensation can be determined. The attorney will get to the facts and hand it over as evidence during the court proceedings.

The Type Of Injury

If you have suffered an injury at work, in an auto accident, and from a fall, you could still be eligible for concussion settlements. It all depends on the specifics of the injury and what caused it. If the incident involves a defendant, the personal injury attorney will attempt to prove gross negligence and that is why it is so important to consult with an attorney and not take this on by yourself. Now, let’s delve into more about the actual concussion and what you should do right after you have been injured.

What Is A Concussion?

In a shock, the brain is deformed and the nerve fibers rupture, hitting the inner walls of the skull. The chemical and electrical activity in the brain is then disrupted for several days or even weeks. They are detected by several symptoms, but often the brain damage caused by concussions goes unrecognized by x-rays and the like.

  • Long-term risks
  • Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (a degenerative disease of the brain)
  • Memory loss
  • Concentration disorders
  • Nervous breakdowns
  • Judgment problems
  • Dementia

What To Do If You Get A Concussion?

As soon as you have suffered a concussion, the first thing to do, if this is a sports activity is to remove the person from the game and get them to see a doctor. You would then notify parents and caregivers, but don’t leave the person alone and do not allow him to return to play without permission from a concussion physician. In fact, it is best to call an ambulance, especially if the person loses consciousness, has difficulty breathing, complains of weakness or numbness, or is convulsing.

The Symptoms

You should let the person go directly to the hospital, if the person has any of the following symptoms, even after seeing a doctor:

  • Worsening of the headache, especially if it is localized
  • Persistent vomiting
  • Dilation of a pupil of the eyes
  • Changing behavior
  • Excessive sleepiness
  • Difficulty seeing, hearing, speaking, or walking
  • Convulsions
  • Doesn’t recognize people or places

External Signs

Here are some of the external signs of concussion

  • Confusion
  • Amnesia
  • Loss of consciousness, even brief
  • Difficulty concentrating takes time to answer questions
  • Speaks in a sluggish or inconsistent manner
  • Inappropriate emotions (laughing, crying, or getting angry easily)
  • Blank stare, glassy eyes

Final Thoughts

Cases that involve concussion injury can sometimes be complicated when you get ready to make a claim, which involves aggressive negotiations with the different insurance companies. It can also get complex when you have to do long term assessments and medical reviews. For this reason, you need to call a personal injury lawyer if you are interested in discussing your chances of getting a reasonable concussion settlement.