What Is The Purpose Of Domestic Violence

What Is The Purpose Of Domestic Violence

When people think of abuse in the family environment, they usually associate it with domestic violence. Abuse in the home and family environment involves any attempt by either partner, whether cohabiting or marrying, to dominate or control the other according to scarborough family lawyer.

Domestic violence is used for one purpose: to gain and to have complete control over the other’s personality. The abuser does not play by the rules. “He uses fear, guilt, shame and intimidation to break you and hold you in power.

Domestic violence can happen to anyone without discrimination. People are equally vulnerable, both in heterosexual families and in relationships between partners of the same gener. Violence is not affected by gender, age, upbringing or material support. In domestic violence, it is women and children who are more likely to be victims of physical aggression. Men victims of domestic violence are subjected to verbal or emotional attacks. The intersection with violence is that they are always unacceptable, whether it be for a man, a woman, a teenager or for the elderly – every individual deserves to be valued, respected and safe in their family!

Domestic violence often escalates from verbal assaults to gross forms of physical aggression. While physical injuries can be an indicator of an immediate danger to the life and health of the victim, the emotional and psychological effects of domestic violence occur unnoticed and are often ignored by victims and by society. Relationships filled with psychological and emotional abuse can cause irreversible trauma to the individual. The purpose of the psychic abuse that the abuser practices is to flush out the victim, make her feel helpless, unnecessary, and at the same time addicted to it.

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According to the United Nations, approximately 35% of women experience at least one type of violence, with more than 1 billion cases of gender-based violence. Domestic violence should not be silent!

Seeking assistance from the institutions should not be delayed to avoid the fatal consequences of unacceptable and inhuman treatment!

Learn your rights so you can protect yourself! The Domestic = Protection Act regulates the rights of victims of domestic violence, the protective measures and the procedure for imposing them. The liability under this law does not exclude the civil, administrative and criminal liability of the perpetrator.

According to the law, “domestic violence” is any act of physical, sexual, mental, emotional and economic violence, as well as the possibility of such violence, forced restriction of privacy, personal freedom and personal rights perpetrated against persons who are in a relative relationships that are or have been in a family relationship or in a de facto marital partnership.3 The law defines as psychological and emotional violence against a child and any domestic violence committed in his presence.
Protection under this law may be sought by any person affected by domestic violence perpetrated by:

  • a spouse or ex-spouse;
  • a person with whom he or she has been or has been in actual spousal cohabitation;
  • a person with a child;
  • ascending;
  • descending;
  • a person with whom he or she is related to a collateral line up to the fourth degree, inclusive;
  • a person with whom he is or has been related to a third-degree marriage;
  • guardian or foster parent.

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