Who Needs a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Who Needs a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Accidents, unfortunately, happen. That’s what they say at least. Sometimes things happen that we don’t want to happen, and sometimes those things leave us hurt. When that happens, sometimes it’s in your best interest to be sure that you have someone to represent you in court. When it comes to motorcycle accidents, you would need to get a motorcycle accident lawyer. But does everyone that gets into a motorcycle accident need to get a lawyer for it? Should you always take legal action when you get into a motorcycle accident? It’s kind of a hard question.

Getting lawyers involved can make the situation messy, to say the least. Getting anything through the legal system here in the United States can be a very complicated process and, of course, lawyers want their money for this kind of thing. Lawyers should get paid well for what they do because you’re paying for their expertise, but that doesn’t make them any easier to pay for, especially if you’ve been missing work because of injuries you sustained during a motorcycle accident. Let’s look at a few circumstances that would make sense to hire a for your motorcycle accident lawyer.

If You Sustained Serious Injuries

As a driver, it is your right to take someone to court if they caused an accident that left you with injuries. Now, you might want to avoid court if the injuries you sustained were minor. You’re driving a motorcycle, any accident is going to cause at least minor injuries and it might not be worth it to you to pursue legal action for minor injuries. A court case can take months to settle, and that’s not an amount of effort that most people would be willing to put in for a bit of road rash just to get paid out a little bit of money.

On the other hand, if you were in a motorcycle accident that left you in the hospital, that’s worth suing over. If you’re taking to someone to court for medical bills, you’re going to want a lawyer to represent you because they know what they’re doing. Medical bills are expensive and you have to be sure that you’re going to get them covered. It’s not fair that you were driving safely and someone else hit you with their car and it led to thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical debt.

A lawyer that specializes in motorcycle accidents will be able to go after the at-fault driver and make sure that you get every penny you need to cover the medical bills while also making sure to get you a little more money on top of that. These lawyers know exactly what they’re doing, and because of that, they can maximize the amount of money that you get from your court case, no matter how large your medical bills might be after the accident. Lawyers are really good at handling court cases, so you can be sure that they’ll help you.

If You’re Thinking About Taking the At-Fault Driver to Court

Lawyers are specialists that have years of college behind them in order to legally practice law in their state, which means that if you’re considering taking the person who caused the accident to court, it’s a good idea to have them in your corner. Lawyers that specialize in motorcycle accident cases more than likely have seen a case exactly like yours at some point in the past, which means that they’ll know exactly how to handle your current case. That’s a great thing.

In life, everything that we do is made better with experience. You’d rather have someone that knows how to work on cars fix your transmission than someone who’s never even opened up the owner’s manual for a car. You’d probably also prefer for your food to be cooked by someone that knows that chicken needs to have an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit before it can safely be eaten than someone who would just serve you raw chicken and run you the risk of salmonella poisoning. The same can be said about the person who you want to handle your motorcycle accident case.

The consequences of not using a lawyer that specializes in these kinds of cases might not seem as immediately grim as the outcomes of the other situations, but you could end up losing out on a lot of money without a lawyer in these cases. Lawyers know how to work the system and ensure that you get as much money in your payout as possible, ensuring that you get every penny that you’re owed to help you get back to your life as quickly as possible with as little financial impact as possible.

Whether your case is brand new and you’re just getting ready to file it or you’re waiting for your court date, if you’re suing the other driver you’ll want to make sure that you have an attorney so you have the highest possible chances of winning the case and getting the money that you need to help you with medical bills, as well as potentially getting yourself a new bike after the accident. It can be easy to leave a large sum of money on the table during these cases if you don’t know what you’re doing, and lots of people do end up leaving large sums of money on the table.

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If You’re Looking to Get More Out of Your Insurance Company

Auto insurance is complicated, whether that insurance is on a truck, sedan, or motorcycle. Getting a policy is easy enough because of course it is. You just need to fill out a couple of forms and give them their money and the insurance company will happily give you insurance so that you’re covered if anything bad happens while you’re driving out on the road. That being said, things can get pretty tricky when it’s time for them to pay you after an accident.

Insurance companies are notorious for trying to give the least amount of money possible for any type of collision, and motorcycle drivers are often targeted for the lowest amount of money possible. That is largely because motorcycles are typically a lot cheaper than cars. Because of this fact, insurance companies often feel that they can shortchange motorcycle drivers. It doesn’t cost as much to replace a Yamaha M4 as it does to replace even a 2010 Toyota Corrola, and in most cases, insurance companies don’t want to give enough money to the driver to fully replace their vehicle.

Trying to get more money from an insurance company on your own is complicated, and that’s intentional. Insurance companies don’t want to give you money, their entire business model is dependant on people giving them as much money as possible while they give out as little money as possible. If the insurance company is publically traded this issue only becomes compounded because they have pressure from investors to keep as much money in the company as possible because it makes the company worth more. Investors, just like everyone else, are just looking to line their pockets and they have a pretty good system to do so.

Lawyers that specialize in motorcycle accidents deal with insurance companies every day. It’s just part of their job to talk to insurance companies and try to get their clients as much money as possible from them They can take care of the negotiations for you and do their best to get you the maximum payout for your accident without having to take it to court. If it needs to go to court, your lawyer is already someone that knows how to handle that situation so you’re already in a good position for a courtroom battle.

If you do end up having to sue the insurance company for more money, they’re definitely going to have their own team of lawyers for your lawyer to deal with in the courtroom. Every insurance company has a legal team ready for these kinds of situations, which makes having a lawyer even more vital. You as a non-lawyer will have a hard time in court against an insurance company’s team of lawyers, but your lawyer has a fighting chance and could even end up getting you more money than you were hoping for in the first place, which could lead to you getting an even nicer bike.

Have a Heavy Hitter on Your Team

Nobody wants to go to court, but sometimes we have to. Legal problems appear from time to time in many people’s lives and having someone who knows what they’re doing can help you out significantly. Lawyers are just people doing their jobs and they get a bad reputation but, like in every high-profile job, there are always going to be people that are there to help others and people that are just there to line their pockets and get rich. Either way, having someone who knows the law on your side can help your case immensely.